And 60% come to Buntingford to socialise while shopping

That’s what Freman College student, Chris Bunce, found when he analysed the results of his Shopping Survey as part of his work experience with local marketing agency, Marketing Zone.

Chris spent a week at Marketing Zone. As a member of the Buntingford Chamber of Commerce, the marketing agency arranged for Chris to tackle a practical research project. This involved developing the questions, setting them up online and surveying shoppers in the town using an iPad. As well as giving Chris a project he could get his teeth into and a real confidence boost approaching people, the survey pinpointed some interesting results.

”My work experience opened my mind to what the working world is like,” said Chris. “It was an interesting, fun and educational week. I learnt a lot about how marketing works which I’m sure will help me with my Business Studies classes back at school.”

94% of the people Chris spoke to said they either have a satisfactory, good or very good shopping experience in the town. By talking to the shoppers, it’s clear that the town is a hive of activity with people making the most of the services such as hairdressers, dentists and opticians, and the specialist shops and restaurants. As half of those who Chris surveyed weren’t residents in Buntingford, we can see that these facilities are a great draw for residents and visitors alike. Though for out-of-towners, parking fees have an impact. One third come into town less often than they otherwise would.

He also found that Buntingford is a foodie heaven with 80% of those surveyed enjoying a takeaway and 50% eating out at a café or restaurant once a month or more.

It’s great to know that Buntingford’s stores, specialist shops and services are providing a welcoming experience to both its residents and visitors. That’s what helps makes the town unique.

”Chris worked very hard on the shopping survey and the other tasks we set him,” said Mark Ganellin, Managing Director, Marketing Zone. “We’re keen to support the youngsters in the town with their studies and partner with Freman College every year to give one of their students a real business experience.”

”We were pleased to support Chris with his work experience shopping survey and we’re reviewing the points of interest to see if any improvements or recommendations can be taken on board,” said Emma Christou, Chair, Buntingford Chamber of Commerce.