Last year The Buntingford Chamber of Commerce sponsored hanging baskets in the High Street. Nearly 20 businesses joined in. This year, with sponsorship from EwePack, you can get a subsidised hanging basket too.

Please order your hanging baskets from Crazy Daisy by 4 July 2016.

We hope to encourage all high street businesses to have hanging baskets during the summer. These will be subsidised by The Chamber of Commerce with the assistance of sponsorship from Steve Lawson-Smith. Members of The Chamber of Commerce can purchase up to two hanging baskets from Karen at Crazy Daisy at the reduced rate of £10.00 each.

It is the responsibility of each shop to hang their own baskets and to water them. This offer is only available to high street businesses. To be eligible for this offer businesses must be a member of the Chamber of Commerce and hanging baskets must be purchased direct from Crazy Daisy so we can achieve a coordinated look.

(Return your baskets from last year to have them refilled for £5.00 each)