Following our last committee meeting and with the sudden announcement from some of our committee – we now have lost FIVE members since our last carnival due to family/business/private matters – we now do not have enough committee members to run the next carnival.

Not only have we lost committee members but we have also lost
our chief marshal and possible his marshals.

We have advertised for new members over the years but to no avail –
people think the carnival just happens!

So this letter is a first notification that the 2018 Buntingford Carnival might not happen without an injection of new committee members.

I am asking Buntingford Chamber of Commerce if any of their members or anyone they know would be willing to come onto the carnival committee to help us prepare for and run the 2018 Buntingford Carnival.

Without new members – the present committee could not take on all the extra work needed to prepare for the next carnival.

As you all must be aware the Carnival was started in 1987 to promote the High Street and its shops. We now need your support to keep it running.

Our next step will have to be an announcement in the local papers,
so it goes to a wider audience. We hope this is not needed.

Ashley Cantor Chairman
For and on behalf of the Buntingford Carnival Committee