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The Car Show comes to Buntingford



11:30 – 12:30                         Zephyr

12:45 – 13:45                         10.guage

14:00 – 15:00                         Guns of Anarchy

15:00                                      Prize Giving

15:30 – 16:30                         Cortina




21:00                                      Mashed




16:00                                      Pat Crilly




19:00                                      Smoking Goats




21:00                                      Dakota Smile




12:00 – 14:00                         Lithium

14:00 – 16:00                         Dishy Tangent

16:00 – 16:00                         Andres Cruz

18:30 – 20:30                        Chris and Lizzy




14:30                                      Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

19:30                                      Genevieve


Abundant Solutions celebrate their ten year anniversary

Abundant Solutions are celebrating their ten year anniversary this month and want to offer other local businesses their tips on keeping afloat in hard times.

Despite launching during a recession, the Buntingford-based marketing business has gone from strength to strength after husband and wife team Daryl and Paula Hine launched it in 2007.

The pair gave up their corporate jobs following months of researching the market and various business options. Now they have a host of national and international clients, as well as being Certified Consultants for Infusionsoft marketing software.

Paula said: “When half of all small businesses fail within the first five years, it’s vital that people get the best advice on helping their business to thrive. Daryl and I wanted to use our business development and marketing skills to launch a business that helps others achieve their goals.”

Their team of award winning Certified Partners work with businesses to combine everything they need – strategic business development with contact management, CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce – all into a single online system. It’s a simple way to grow sales and save time.

Now Paula and Daryl are sharing the six top tips they have learned from ten successful years in business.

1: Do your research

Don’t rush into your launch. Take an inventory of your skills and experience, look for gaps in the market where you could make an impact and think about what business would be a good match. We spent several months researching our options – whether that was starting from scratch, buying a business or taking on a franchise.

2: Network

Everyone can improve their business through networking – it is a great way to generate leads. It worked so well for us that for several years we led a well know networking group in London, Hertfordshire and Essex. Those contacts are still paying off today.

3:  Target the right customers

Work out what type of customer would be the most profitable for you and only target them. If you waste time selling to people who can’t afford your service or don’t really need your products then you will not retain them. In our first year working with Infusionsoft, creators of automated sales and marketing software, we won an award for never losing a customer because we didn’t sell to everyone.

4: Get testimonials

Offer a great service so that your customers are happy to refer you to friends and clients and write a testimonial for your website. People trust referrals from friends – that’s how we get lots of our business.

5: Don’t get side tracked

We know business owners are full of ideas. But to be successful you need to be laser-focused on your key priorities. During our ten years we have run two other very successful businesses at the same time. We eventually realised we had to sell our shares as we needed to give all our energy to our main business.

6: Use a Customer Relationship Management system

A great CRM will take away the stress of remembering to follow up on leads, giving you prompts at just the right time. All your client information will be in one place and you won’t lose vital business information if an employee leaves.

Find out more about how Abundant Solutions can help your business succeed by calling +44 (0) 1763 271791 or visit our website.

Buntingford Carnival needs you!

Following our last committee meeting and with the sudden announcement from some of our committee – we now have lost FIVE members since our last carnival due to family/business/private matters – we now do not have enough committee members to run the next carnival.

Not only have we lost committee members but we have also lost
our chief marshal and possible his marshals.

We have advertised for new members over the years but to no avail –
people think the carnival just happens!

So this letter is a first notification that the 2018 Buntingford Carnival might not happen without an injection of new committee members.

I am asking Buntingford Chamber of Commerce if any of their members or anyone they know would be willing to come onto the carnival committee to help us prepare for and run the 2018 Buntingford Carnival.

Without new members – the present committee could not take on all the extra work needed to prepare for the next carnival.

As you all must be aware the Carnival was started in 1987 to promote the High Street and its shops. We now need your support to keep it running.

Our next step will have to be an announcement in the local papers,
so it goes to a wider audience. We hope this is not needed.

Ashley Cantor Chairman
For and on behalf of the Buntingford Carnival Committee

So what makes a good high street

Across the UK one High Street shop in every 10, or one in every 7, depending on which survey you read, is empty.

This is attributed to high property prices and an increase in online shopping – up 14.9 % this year from last year in the UK (interestingly, surveys say that men are more likely to shop online than women, and that the most popular items to buy online are clothing, books and home electronic equipment.)

A report from town planners makes the following recommendations:

  1. We have what’s called a Community Focused Entrepreneurial High Street, the strengths of which are: good sense of community spirit; good engagement in community events; diverse retail for different budgets; good partnership working; a high street that caters specifically for the budget and taste of local residents. The weaknesses are: low spend per visitor ratio; higher number of betting and charity shops; vacant retail units that linger for months; subdued business confidence; adverse perception of crime and safety issues.  (Taken from ‘Successful town centres’: Association of Town & City Management)
  2. Have a strategic approach
  3. Don’t just think about daytime: in today’s 24 hour economy, you need to think about evening and night-time use too
  4. Highlight the unique characteristics of your town.
  5. Examples given of regeneration include:
    – A new transport system to bring visitors to the town
    – A wave of artists transformed one town
    – Making it a Festival town (books, films, arts)
    – Outdoor markets
    – Tourism gateway

So what do you think?