Sustainability Buntingford


See what services our members provide to help protect the environment. Read our top tips on your journey to a more sustainable business from Buntingford ACTION on Climate Change and Sustainability.

Buntingford ACTION on Climate Change and Sustainability

J. Oliver Radley Opticians

36 High Street, Buntingford

Recycling of glasses and contact lenses. J. Oliver Radley is a recycling drop-off point. You can recycle any of your glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses with them, wherever you purchased them from.

They accept:

  • Any spectacles or sunglasses in any condition, whether metal or plastic.
  • Any brand of soft contact lenses (daily, 2-weekly and monthly), blister packs and foil.

Flutterby's Boutique

Flutterby's Boutique

79a High Street, Buntingford

Sustainable Fashion. Flutterby’s Boutique is a preloved and vintage womenswear store, aiming to encourage the rewearing of beautiful garments, the prevention of waste and a progression from a fast fashion to a more circular fashion economy.

They also stock a selection of organic, handmade or locally sourced home and wellbeing products with a sustainable lifestyle in mind.

All processes and packaging are zero waste where possible.

We are an award winning, family run business in Cottered. We offer luxury self catering accommodation. Adult only & dog friendly

We have introduced:

  • Hot Composting
  • Vermicomposting
  • Terracycle bin for all plastic currently not recycled
  • Harvesting rainwater from all downpipes
  • Moving to utilising Grey water for our 3rd retreat
  • Replacing Hot tubs with less energy hungry outdoor jacuzzis / baths
  • Removing all plastics for guest use where possible
  • We buy in large bulk quantities to reduce constantly buying plastic bottles. reusing plastic bottles to refill
  • Educating guests on all our initiatives in the hope they may take some ideas home and start to implement themselves
  • Installing an EV charger for guests with electric cars, and offering a discount to them for staying
  • Installing water reducing shower heads

Bethnal and Bec


27 High Street, Buntingford

Attend2Health is an award winning private health clinic with Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Sports Massage Therapists, GP Services, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture and Nutrition.

  • We buy our massage oil, ultrasound gel and hand sanitiser in 5 litre bottles and use that to refill our 500ml bottles.
  • All our lights are LED to use less electricity and our electric supply comes from renewable sources.
  • We have a heating system where every radiator has an individual thermostat so that we only need to heat the rooms we are working in.
  • We are currently looking to double glaze a lot of our windows and regularly see if we can source more sustainable products.